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20090730.154724.667784.phd’ JVMDUMP010I Heap Dump written to /opt/bea/wls91/utils/bsu/heapdump.20090730. ———– OR Encountered unrecognized patch ID: 8IIR Trying to apply the patch using the script on solaris server, it fails with the following message: Encountered unrecognized patch ID: 8IIR 1.

154724.667784JVMDUMP007I JVM Requesting Java Dump using ‘/opt/bea/wls91/utils/bsu/javacore. Run the following command in $OCSG_HOME/utils/bsu ./-report -log=-log_priority=trace 2. IOException: Permission denied The cause is due to the installer does not have the permission to the folder where the installation binary file is extracted to.

20090730.154724.667784.txt’ JVMDUMP012E Error in Java Dump: /opt/bea/wls91/utils/bsu/javacore.20090730. Check the file, there is following error: FATAL [Thread-0] plateng.patch. Solution / Workaround : If seeing the Permission denied in the log file for BSU report, then please make sure the installer has the valid permission to the folder where the OCSG installation file is extracted to.

154724.667784JVMDUMP013I Processed Dump Event “uncaught”, detail “java/lang/Out Of Memory Error”. ————- OR Many a times when customer copy the and file from email/support portal and FTP it to the machine.

If not then smart update will try to create this file.

Please check if there is write permissions to the directory to create this file. OR Check the bea home specified in beahomelist file which is located in BEA_HOME. Eg: beahomelist file contains —- directory of the target bea installation called “bsulaunch.properties” which can contain the following properties: JVM_ARGS — Args passed to the java VM when invoking So, putting the following in the properties file should allow to use a proxy: JVM_ARGS=-Dhttp.proxy Host=host -Dhttp.proxy Port=8080 -Dhttp.proxy Set=true bsu -remove -patchlist=TRS5 -prod_dir=D:\bea\weblogic92 –verbose Then the output will be similar to the following ——————————— Checking for conflicts…

If you want to connect to the embedded LDAP server using an external LDAP browser and the embedded LDAP administrator account (cn=Admin), change this attribute from the generated -prod_dir=c:\bea\weblogic92 -patch_download_dir=D:\pat -patchlist=Bug7835091_920mp3 -verbose -install -log=D:\pat\-log_priority=trace Encountered unrecognized patch ID: Bug7835091_920mp3 //ERROR NOTE: -I have got an error here because of wrong patch ID that I have specified.



JVMDUMP007I JVM Requesting Snap Dump using ‘/opt/bea/wls91/utils/bsu/Snap0001. create Data Handler(XBean Data Handler.java:530) at cie.xbean. get Complex Value(XBean Data Handler.java:426) at plateng.cat. get Patch Details(Patch Catalog Helper.java:623) at plateng.cat. [y=yes|n=no|c=continue without restarting] Solution / Workaround : The error you have got is a

No conflict(s) detected Starting installation of Patch ID: 2LYV Installing D:\patExtracting C:\bea\patch_weblogic923\patch_jars\Bug7835091_920mp3Updating C:\bea\patch_weblogic923\profiles\default\sys_manifest_classpath\weblog ic_Old manifest value: Class-Path= New manifest value: Class-Path=../../../patch_jars/Bug7835091_920mp3Result: Success ——————– OR Encountered unrecognized patch ID: EVPG This error message can occur when the is out of sync with the environment in which the patch was downloaded or it might have been corrupted.



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