Wade and butcher dating relative age dating images

While the police believe Short’s killer was affiliated with a cutting profession — a surgeon or butcher, say — Bayley was 67 at the time of the murder and had no known record of violence or crime. I had no idea that Short’s sister Virginia was in any way still connected to Short when she moved to L. It’s intriguing to take a closer look at Bayley because of the brain disease and his surgical skills.

The two traits combined in this case do sound like an intriguing profile for Short’s killer. The effort that would be required for this killing and the dumping of the body sounds more like a young man’s horrible game.

The idea is to remove the evidence as far away as possible.

He has a fine record as a doctor and is a dedicated man. That Short had to move around on such a frequent basis also placed her in harm’s way.

That same year, doctors gave him a shot of sodium pentothal — aka the “truth serum” — in another attempt to glean information about the Black Dahlia murder from him. He died in 1986, 39 years to the day after he left Short at the Biltmore.



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