Tupperware dating

Surely, in this new world of social media, we can sing the praises and explain, for instance, how the ‘Happy Chopper’ will change your life (OMFG, it will) without having to endure these pressure filled ‘nights out with the girls’.

Housewares manufacturer Tupperware (TUP) has been around a long time here in the U. Tupperware’s 68-cent quarterly dividend provides a 4.99% current yield right at the current quote.

“So what happened when my second name got called out? So I stayed for the obligatory hour or so and then, to the din of school cupcake decorating discussions and debates over baby monitors, I slunk off home. But like any multi-level marketing business, it’s only the people at the top of the chain that actually make any money from it.


And so it went on, until all the names had been called out twice and the items had been stolen from one another. At this stage she had a certain container in her possession. She came back to the party about an hour later and was absolutely livid. Oh wait, at least two-year-olds are meant to be immature. Look, there is no taking away from the fact that at times, this has been a great way for women to come together and meet new people.

Now that I have some clarity, I predict a lot of melon ballers and unidentifiable items I’ll have to Google in order to understand how to use.



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