Self validating web forms

If you need more security, you should use a certificate signed by a CA. It can be tricky to create one that can be consumed by the largest selection of clients, like browsers and command line tools.


basic Constraints = CA: FALSE key Usage = digital Signature, key Encipherment subject Alt Name = @alternate_names ns Comment = "Open SSL Generated Certificate" # RFC 5280, Section makes EKU optional # CA/Browser Baseline Requirements, Appendix (B)(3)(G) makes me confused # In either case, you probably only need server Auth.[ subject ] country Name = Country Name (2 letter code) country Name_default = US state Or Province Name = State or Province Name (full name) state Or Province Name_default = NY locality Name = Locality Name (eg, city) locality Name_default = New York organization Name = Organization Name (eg, company) organization Name_default = Example, LLC # Use a friendly name here because its presented to the user.


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