Repairing mistakes in dating

After all, what kind of fool wants to be a miserable millionaire?

" But your body contradicts: "All this hard work and concentration is too painful. " With every decision, the two hearts clash and create a dilemma.To be triumphant in the battle to be good, you have to focus on your innate desire to be good.Remind yourself each morning that you want to be good, and don't let that consciousness lay fallow.In the end, instead of living as a coward, he dies as a coward! You're famous, you're rich, you have a beautiful spouse and marvelous kids. Of course, turning over your friends is a terrible thing to do. Others might call you a fool, but you always win when you do the right thing. The Torah, our Instructions for Living, provides a way to work toward this.

You're president of your synagogue, and you've just been nominated to receive an honorary doctorate from Harvard University. Now you're traveling through the Far East with some friends. On the other hand, you don't want to die – and nobody will ever know you finked on your friends. You're not doing anyone any favors by being good, you're simply doing what the "inner you" wants. One of the 613 mitzvot is to be like God, to emulate His ways. Make it part of your mindset, and you'll see an observable effect throughout your day. Distinguish Between the Two Hearts It can be very confusing to sort out that which we desire from that which we want.


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