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I made a 60min vid called Cottage Queen 91 where I went around the cottages in the Newcastle area.I just posted an 11min vid of the toilets I filmed on YT Tf XEo Yd Nc which may be of interest to you. My partner of the time (sadly deceased) also filmed London Pride 1996 which ran to 5 sections which I also posted on YT.Aasihqan de ki likhi taqdeer mere malka , hathan ch na banai khushi de lakeer mere malka .Jamde ne putt te mavan lendian wadaian, gumde ne putt wichare bane faqir mere malka .


Sincerely, Rich The Lost Gay Scene..memories of my time in London in the 70's & 80's you have awakened!Hello, Ive been looking at your website & you may be interested in some vids I posted on my You Tube page.I live in Tyneside & in 1990/91 I started recording things on my first Sony 8mm video camera.No mention of "Mandy's" in Henrietta Street, Covent Garden!

At the CC I saw Lorna Luft, Diana Dors among others, but Wayland Flowers the Gay American puppeteer was the show that really sticks out. I notice in your sixties stuff there was no mention of the "Rehearsal" Club which opened in July 1967 at 3 Archer Street, Soho,coincidentally around the time of the Wolfenden Report.

Je tore na hunde teer sahiban ne , rehndi na suhagan ik ve bharjai . Maadi sahiba ta akhwaundi , je hundi aapni jaan bachai.


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    (NADE-640) Mao Kaede – Selling Wife = Kaede Mao 17. *batteries not included (1987) = Hume Cronyn, Jessica Tandy, Frank Mc Rae 20.

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