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I haven't had any issues with the foods as far as bad reactions (other than the extra fiber does tend towards a certain (ahem) gassiness) and I customize my orders to get what I like so I've been fine. If anybody wants to try before they commit, there are the options of the old Advanced items at Big Lots (but that's not an accurate reflection of the current foods), buying from people off e Bay or the NS forums themselves (trusting the people are being honest about how old or new the food is), or buying some "a la carte" items directly from the NS website itself.

There's also QVC as an option but that is a preselected package.

I had a deal where it would only cost 9 for a month.

I just wanted to try it for a month and then renew if I thought it was the way for me. Well, that feeling soon faded when I found out that they wanted access to my bank account so they could deduct money every month and send me shipments (you can cancel any time after so many shipments but that may take a couple months to kick in). If that wasn't enough; they took my information when I tentatively put my order in online (cancelling it near the end when I found out about the automatic bank account withdrawal), Now I get phone calls and emails offering me additional 40% off etc if I just agree to the automatic withdrawals.

You eat their entrees, plus grocery items (veggies, proteins, fruits, etc.).


I went straight to the nutrisystem website and then cancelled the transaction at the last minute when I found out what they wanted to do.

(BTW, if you see NS "Everyday" items in stores like Kroger's, that's actually more of a "maintenance" line and not what's on the active weight loss plan, you won't get that stuff as part of the program.) Thank you for the good advice. They required a two month commitment though, plus they are a bit more expensive.


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    Full value of coupon must be used at time of purchase.

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    At per month it’s the most expensive option out there, but had the highest number of blank profiles.

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