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The existing business model translates almost perfectly into LEGO Universe, where players can build anything on their properties, and breathe life into whatever they build with interactivity via animation and functionality scripting.

Instead, LEGO Universe let free players stagnate in the first zone, burdened with debilitating restrictions (like being unable to chat with anyone they group with) and demanding that they pay the developers /month or nothing at all.

When he later shares the video on Twitter, he describes it as "triggering liberals at UCLA." Ice's stream leans on shock humor, and even more so for its hyperactive chat (or at least a very vocal segment of it), a mire of "ironic" racism and misogyny that's extremely offensive. In any case, as long as he isn't getting banned from streaming, what's "appropriate" is the last thing on Ice Poseidon's mind.

What is on his mind is the seemingly limitless possibilities of life streaming – what it is, what it means, and what tools he can leverage to create something genuinely new.


He calls the genre "life streaming," and his Twitter brands him as its "god." At its best, life streaming blends improv, reality TV and situational comedy; look closely, and you can catch glimpses of everything from Punk'd to Cops, and maybe even an Allan Kaprow Happening or two.LEGO Universe is a wonderful MMO, whose supremely high production qualities and lovable charm make it alluring to gamers of all age brackets.


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