Koyote shinji dating


YG first expanded into the foreign market with SE7EN, in a partnership with Nexstar Records, a Nippon Columbia label that managed Japanese releases for him.


No matter where you go (geu eodil bwado) The pretty girls are AOA (Yes!

However, a dating scandal in 2004 with then labelmate model/actress Park Han Byul caused his career to plummet, which led to his 4 year hiatus in Korea and ultimately his US debut without much success.

It was revealed many years later that YG Entertainment had many secret relationships amongst its artists.

YG is an abbreviation for “Yang Goon”, a nickname given to the Executive Director Yang Hyun Suk.

0 million (2012) YG Entertainment was founded by Yang Hyun Suk, former member of Seo Taiji and Boys and his brother Yang Min Suk in 1996.

Today, YG Entertainment has become a top agency in Korea for their abundant resources and financial backing.



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