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The name refers to a Biblical passage dealing with the end of times.He may have been just 16, but the steely gaze with an underlying hint of menace is unmistakeable.Today, in an extraordinary interview, Spacey's brother sheds new light on this astonishing fall from grace, and what he calls the 'demons' driving the tarnished star.

This behaviour has been going on for decades.'At 58, Kevin Spacey is an instantly recognisable Hollywood star.

And he says his millionaire brother effectively 'abandoned' his family because he wanted to distance himself from the demons of their shared past.

Randy says Spacey's decision to mask his true self has left the actor 'a time bomb', adding: 'He sold out to fame and fortune, but the truth was always going to catch up with him.'This is just the tip of the iceberg.

'And that creature turned into a monster whose whole life was a lie.'Today Spacey's reputation lies in tatters.


He has announced he will seek psychological help to tackle his demons, but his career is effectively finished.

For our interview he wears an extraordinary canary yellow suit, his hair is gelled, he has rings on every finger.


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