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The J-Link SDK comes with everything which is needed to start implementing J-Link support into software or create a new application using J-Link.It includes the needed libraries for the selected platform, a complete documentation of the available J-Link API and additional background information, the USB drivers for J-Link and sample startup projects to show the usage of J-Link.You can find an overview of the new features in Spec Flow 2.0 here. The new versions of Spec Flow and Spec Flow work with the previous release.The full changelog is on Git Hub A list of the changes in Spec Flow Runner 1.3 is available here. This means that you can also migrate your project individually, as projects that continue using the previous version will to continue to work alongside upgraded projects.A: Direct download into external parallel NOR flash is supported, too.Prior to programming the NOR flash, you will have to make sure the flash interface is configured on the device and tell J-Link some info about the flash.The following table gives an overview about the included sample projects.


For a complete list of supported CPU cores, please refer to here.

When the import library is used and no JLink is in the application's directory the newest installed version if the J-Link DLL will be used automatically.

When the JLink import library is used, the JLink in the application's directory has to be replaced in order to use a newer version.

Visual C 6 workspace, including sample projects for the J-Link DLL startup sequence, flash download via J-Link, reading the target's JTAG ID, hardware testing, instruction tracing and the J-Link RTT Logger and J-Link Commander tool.

The sample projects are configured to be compiled and executed out-of-the-box and included as precompiled executable.

The J-Link SDK license allows using custom applications within the customer's company only.



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